Mud Therapy and Knee Osteoarthritis

Mud Therapy imageCan mud therapy help your arthritis symptoms?

A new study is looking at the effects of therapeutic mud pack therapy on knee osteoarthritis.

Participants in this study will attend one screening visit and two therapeutic sessions a week for three weeks. Each therapy session includes a brief medical intake and a 20-minute mud pack treatment to the knees. Information will be collected through questionnaires and blood samples to measure changes in inflammatory and pain-related symptoms.

To participate you must:

  • Have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Be willing to provide 2 blood samples throughout the study
  • Commit to attend all 6 study sessions.
    • Study sessions will be twice a week.
    • Study visits will be scheduled during the same time slot every week for three weeks.

There will be no cost associated with participation in this study.

For more information call 503.552.1551 ext. 5940, e-mail, or fill out the form below.

This study is being conducted by the Helfgott Research Institute at the National College of Natural Medicine.

IRB #041613
Principal Investigator: Heather Zwickey, PhD
Co-Investigator: Kurt Beil, ND, MSOM, MPH

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